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Success story | Organization of an Energy, Water and Waste Improvement platform



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Orgranization of an energy, water and waste improvement platform



Our client, a major pharmaceutical company, is committed to reducing the environmental impacts of its industrial facilities over the world, without degrading the performance of the operations.

The company was looking for support in:

  • Organizing and setting-up an Energy, Water and Waste platform
  • Defining standard processes and methods to assess and implement environmental opportunities
  • Providing recommendations on specific investments



The program was organized around 3 pillars:

  • Improvements projects to implement specific environmental levers on sites
  • Standardization to capitalize solutions and replicate them on other sites
  • Program steering to secure involvement of all sites and achieve the company objectives

Project management was harmonized with the definition of a program management toolbox including organization, processes, checklists, templates, KPIs, adapted to environmental stakes.

Efficiency of the set-up and toolbox was demonstrated on the development of a solar farm project via the analysis of business cases.



  • Organized Sustainability platform
  • Toolbox for managing the platform and environmental projects
  • Business cases sustainability & performance



  • -30 % of CO2 emission for power, steam and chilled water production for a given site
  • Up to -25% of energy cost in self-production compared to expected grid price
  • Successful implementation of different solutions (inc. solar and cogeneration) to facilitate roll out on over 50 sites


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