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Mergers & Acquisitions

Our teams focus on operations and address
all the phases of a M&A deal

CYLAD has developed a broad expertise on the operational aspects of all phases of a M&A deal:


With our end-to-end value proposition our teams contribute to leveraging the expected synergies of a transaction by bringing hands-on operational insights, as well as homogeneous, consistent support along all the phases of a deal from end-to-end. CYLAD approach enables an efficient communication between all stakeholders involved in the deal: top management, operational teams, M&A team, legal firms, and investment bankers.

CYLAD positioning is complementary to the activities performed by investment bankers and lawyers...

...since we bring operational & financial insight to all project stakeholders

By covering all phases of a M&A deal, our teams capture the expected synergies and secure operational continuity

We have experience with the many factors that can bring complexity into a deal, and we monitor these to deliver a smooth Post-Merger Integration

  • Maintain the Transitional Service Agreement (TSA) at a mandatory minimum level while securing business continuity
  • Support HR process with the regulation of merger-related anxiety by maintaining clear and regular communication
  • Proactive separation of complex functions in early stages of the merger (e.g., accounting, IT, and collaborative tools)

We provide homogeneous and consistent support from the due diligence to the Post-Merger Integration

  • Same team support throughout all phases of the deal
  • Our functional and deal expertise strengthens our ability to provide comprehensive, end-to-end support, from business case evaluation to delivery of identified benefits

We support the negotiation of ancillary agreements

  • Our team of experts has deep knowledge of business processes, as well as the appropriate background to properly monitor closing conditions and consequently secure Day 1 and deal economics

We monitor execution as much as deal covenants

  • We have supported numerous ancillary agreement negotiations (e.g. parts supply agreements, aftermarket model, segregations, etc.) in parallel with delivering the separation

Client cases



Sébastien Cailliau

Directeur Associé / France


Sébastien Chaussoy

Directeur Associé / France


Alexandre van den Berg

Directeur Associé / Canada


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