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Success story | Accelerated reorganization for a major space equipment manufacturer



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Sébastien Cailliau

Directeur Associé / France


Accelerated reorganization for a major space equipment manufacturer 



To seize significant growth opportunities, our client, a space equipment company (~1500 people), reassessed its strategic objective to rapidly climb in the value chain and expand its geographical footprint.

To match its new strategy, the company, structured around small independent business units, needed a quick, full organizational restructuring.



We first performed, with the top management team, a 3-week flash diagnosis with:

  • An in-depth assessment of the current organization
  • The identification and prioritization of the new principles guiding the organization
  • The evaluation of possible organizational concepts through benchmarks (e.g., functional vs. matrix organization)


We then selected, evaluated and developed within 7 weeks the detailed organizational model (functional), performing:

  • Simulation and analysis of several critical processes (e.g., bid and project management, R&D coordination)
  • Feasibility and efficiency analysis (e.g., % of overhead)
  • Organization design down to the lowest level (e.g., headcount definition and staffing of positions)


We finally prepared within 6 weeks the new organization announcement and ramp-up with a strong involvement from the management team by defining:

  • The new operating model (including objectives, KPI and top level governance)
  • The transition plan and communication strategy



  • In-depth analysis of the current organization
  • Detailed definition and evaluation of the target organization
  • Comprehensive implementation package



  • 16 WEEKS Total duration of the reorganization process, from the diagnosis to the implementation
  • 6 MAIN FUNCTIONS replacing the 12 business units initially in place
  • 3 MANAGEMENT LAYERS The new organization enabled to reduce from 5 to 3 the number of management layers
  • 8% MANAGEMENT-TO- STAFF RATIO Compared to the 23% ratio prior to the reorganization


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