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Success story | Secure parts On Time Delivery with CYLAD BOM TRACKER device



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Fabien Lasnaveres

Directeur Associé / Canada


Secure parts On Time Delivery with CYLAD BOM TRACKER device



In the context of a first manufacturing readiness project, our client, a major transport manufacturer needed to:

  • Secure 100% parts availability on the production line, from major equipment to detailed primary parts
  • Stick to production planning


The combination of the Bill Of Material size and the large amount of data coming from multiple sources lead to numerous breaches in digital continuity from authoring tools (PLM, 3D mock-ups) to the ERP.

Our client faced difficulties to perform accurate operational monitoring down to the part level and suffered from missing parts.



We developed and implemented an analytic tool, the BOM TRACKER, that allows to anticipate missing parts on the entire chain and not only on the ERP side:

  • We analyzed our client’s data model and defined the shared assumptions and business rules to anticipate the impacts of delays along the value chain
  • We provided enhanced visibility to the Supply Chain team on parts available in the 3D mock-up and not yet released in the ERP


We supported the deployment of the solution by :

  • Training the client’s team in the use of data visualization and analysis ensuring tool impact and sustainability
  • Defining target governance enabling deep-dives, root causes identification and definition of a mitigation plan



  • Validated business assumptions shared cross-functional business rules to ensure data quality and stakeholders alignment
  • End-to-end BOM TRACKER enabling identification of potential missing parts in production
  • Operational governance and key reportings to ensure crossfunctional performance



  • +20% to 30% Bill of Material visibility to all projects functions, from Engineering to Supply Chain
  • 2 to 4 months of visibility gained compared to previous ERP-based ways of working

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