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Success story | Securing project schedule in the renewable energies sector



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Securing project schedule in the renewable energies sector



Our client, a leader in renewable energies, is developing an offshore wind farm project in France. This project embarks some innovation in the construction methods.

The schedule adherence is critical across each step of the EPCI process (Engineering, Procurement, Construction & Installation). The close synchronization across partners suppliers and contractors as well as the tight windows of mobilization for some costly assets leave no room for schedule slippage, while risks linked to technical innovation, and complex contractual layers consume planning float.



A joint governance system was implemented to secure the project schedule through:

  • Monitoring of critical path through shared metrics
  • Execution progress monitoring through ‘punch list’ in the last miles of completion
  • Monitoring and mobilization of resources
  • Set-up of a collaborative problem-solving and decision-making process through taskforces and joint operational committee

Along the project phases, changing context, critical path and priorities required a constant, and shared review of the architecture of schedules, metrics, and routines as well as a proactive risk contingency process.

We established some shared guidelines for effective project control, then operationally supported the scheduling and monitoring of deliverables while fostering transparency & collaboration.



  • Weekly project control dashboard
  • Joint performance management routines
  • Project management practices handbook