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Success story | Hands-on support in the Post-Merger Integration for a leading rolling stock manufacturer



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Alexandre van den Berg

Partner / Canada


Hands-on support in the Post-Merger Integration for a leading rolling stock manufacturer



In the context of a major M&A between 2 international rolling stock manufacturers, our client, head of Central Engineering of the acquiring company, needed support to ensure the company’s ability to develop best-in-class products.
With around 20 sites worldwide, multiple functions and projects to onboard, securing a proper integration was key and required the definition of a converged referentialand an associated deployment program.



In co-construction with all the functions involved, a new converged referential was built on the product development process. Composed of 17 streams, it covered all dimensions of the operating model: engineering deliverables, processes & tools, people, organization and performance.

To secure the new referential deployment to all functions inside as well as outside the engineering scope, a structured approach was built with:

  • A deployment portfolio identifying priorities along sites and projects consolidated in a deployment roadmap
  • A deployment toolbox detailing the general approach, communication and training list by function
  • A deployment planning covering standard schedule and agenda



  • 17-stream convergence framework

  • Converged engineering referential

  • Standard deployment toolbox & planning