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Project Management in remote mode : How to capitalize on the covid-19 crisis to digitalize your Project Management office?



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By Laurence Massat, Alexandre Raoux, Cécilia Combey & Pierre-Antoine Chandon

The current covid-19 crisis has strongly shaken all companies’ organization and activities.

One of its most striking events: it has brutally forced sometimes 100% employees to work in remote mode. And this modus operandi should not only persist but also become the new standard of a new era we are entering.

In Program / Project Management, where everything is a matter of communication, collaboration, intuition, interdependency, the remote mode induces a number of pitfalls (e.g.putting organizations back in silos, tunnel effect, slowed innovation) that need to be adequately tackled (by new channels, ways of working, etc.)

CYLAD shares its point of view on what are the main stakes and challenges for Project Management in ‘remote mode’ and how to face them thanks to digitalization of the Project Management office along with good practices to be deployed through the teams.

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