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Success story | Portfolio consolidation and governance in the pharmaceutical industry



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Laurence Massat

Directrice Associée / France


Portfolio consolidation and governance in the pharmaceutical industry



Our client, a pharmaceutical company, faced difficulties to reach its objectives of new product launch and product changes delivery. These difficulties were partly due to the lack of portfolio management, in a context of high volume of projects and limited resources.

CYLAD was mandated to :

  • Consolidate, characterize and rationalize the portfolio of all ongoing and future projects
  • Develop an optimized portfolio management system



For the portfolio consolidation, CYLAD :

  • structured the portfolio architecture based on project triggers and types
  • defined the attributes necessary to facilitate selection and prioritization (e.g. value, risk)
  • consolidated all ongoing or forecasted projects within the organization, in a robust shared baseline


Simultaneously, CYLAD defined the portfolio management system:

  • Definition and sizing of the organization around newly created Portfolio Manager position, with clear roles and responsibilities
  • Demand management & steering processes, methods, routines and rules for portfolio governance, including project in-flow, monitoring, workload/capacity management and arbitration.



  • Optimized consolidated portfolio baseline
  • Evaluation matrix
  • Portfolio management handbook



  • SHARED SINGLE SOURCE OF TRUTH : Exhaustive project list/portfolio baseline
  • PRIORIZATION RULES FOR RESOURCE ALLOCATION of portfolio pipeline based on value/effort analysis
  • TEAMS ENGAGED thanks to clear organization and management system


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