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Demand Tracker

Control the quality of your demand for stable and efficient Operations 

The demand instability and forecasts unreliability are deteriorating the performance of the industrial companies‘ Supply Chain. 

Designed by CYLAD, the Demand Tracker is a platform detecting, measuring and analyzing all changes in customer demand. 


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Demand Tracker - the demand management platform

The Demand Tracker helps you reach your industrial and financial performance objectives by  : 

  • historizing the successive versions of the customer demand
  • detecting and qualifying its changes and anomalies
  • fostering a fact-based collaboration with your customers, in line with the contractual commitments
  • selecting production priorities

/ Why deploy
the Demand Tracker?

Improve On Time Delivery (OTD)

Increase the value generated at​ the customer/supplier interface

Reduce direct and​ indirect production costs

Reduce WCR and ​ inventory costs


Access to all the data and analytics you need to effectively manage your demand​

  • ready-to-use platform
    available from your internet browser with no software installation required, the Demand Tracker is a SaaS solution quick to implement and easy to use


  • A 360° view of demand management
    with all the key demand management data and indicators: volume changes, volatility of need dates, compliance with contractual commitments


  • A  collaboration and reporting platform
    that integrates directly into the operational processes of the sales administration and planning teams


  • A management interface to collect data
    integration of forecasts, POs, delivery notes, credit notes


Une analyse complète de votre demande client grâce à 4 axes clés

Volume control


Identify and analyze variations in customer demand volumes and stabilize your production plan

Forecast volatility

Evaluate the stability of need dates sent by your customers and focus the collaboration on the critical points

On-Time Forecast


Analyze the compliance of orders with the defined logistics horizons and propose appropriate changes

Net commitment


Identify quantities that have not been transformed into firm orders and reduce your inventory

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