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Even though essential for every company to stay competitive and sustain growth, embedding innovation into strategy and core processes is not always easy.

Whether for new products, services, or business models, innovation requires agility and dedicated strategy and processes, aligned with business priorities. Our teams guide you on your way to enhanced innovation power and help you build an innovation engine that will lead you to successful results now and in the future.

CYLAD’s Innovation approach

  1. Innovation check-up : We look into your strategy and processes to help you assess your innovation system. By understanding the way you work and how you approach innovation, we identify the best levers to strengthen your innovation strategy.
  2. Innovation & Digitization strategy: We help you build a competitive advantage through innovation & digitization.
  3. High innovation organization & processes: We believe innovation can be organized and we guide you in putting in place processes that fits the best your objectives.
  4. Innovation management: Governance is a key aspect of a successful innovation approach. We help you define the best organization to make innovation happen.
  5. Trend monitoring & innovation needs: We look into key trends shaping customer economics and demand and to prioritize the most promising domains.
  6. Innovation portfolio & roadmap: Once the strategy and governance defined, we help you pave the road to innovation excellence. With concrete levers and associated roadmap, we ensure your innovation system bring positive results and strong impact.

Modelingplan 5Md

At CYLAD, we have built a path to help you cover all the innovation stakes and dimensions to ensure a sustainable approach.


Dr. Bruno Glaus

Partner / Switzerland


Dr. Matthias Urban

Expert Partner


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