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The CYLAD way

We tackle complex and challenging topics with a strong focus on content and share our convictions, which are the results of our strong analytical skills, experience and pragmatism.

W E   A R E   I N D U S T R Y   S P E C I A L I S T S

  • Our teams combine top-tier consulting expertise with in-depth industrial knowledge and experience.
  • Our strong understanding of our clients’ activities and environment is the backbone of our approach.
  • It’s what allows us to offer solutions that are relevant and deliver value.

W E   F O C U S   O N   I M P A C T

  • We dig to the core of issues with energy and dedication and measure our success by the impact our solutions have on our clients’ performance.
  • Actively involved in each mission, CYLAD’s Partners ensure we always deliver sustainable results that will make a difference for our clients.

… W I T H   A  C R O S S – F U N C T I O N A L

  • From our origins, our expertise was built on managing large scale programs. Cross-functional thinking is then part of our DNA.
  • Playing a role of catalyst, we design solutions and implement them with an end-to-end approach to unlock the full potential. We bridge top management and day-to-day operations and liaise financials and operational levers.

W E   D E L I V E R   T A I L O R E D   S O L U T I O N S, 
C O – C O N S T R U C T E D  W I T H   O U R   C L I E N T S …

  • We don’t stick to the blunt application of frameworks. Our ambition is to define the best solutions, adapted to our clients’ context, culture and organization.
  • We strongly believe that actionable and sustainable outcomes require working together with our clients, building trust and empowering their teams in a collaborative and integrated way.

A N D   P R O V I D E   A
H A N D S – O N   S U P P O R T

We act not only as sparring partners but also as doers. When required, our team members can take operational responsibility and manage your teams.

W E   I M P L E M E N T   S U S T A I N A B L E

  • Our support goes further than strategic recommendations. For us, implementation starts at the concept phase. We keep in mind what your organization can realistically manage, achieve and realize, securing that the results we deliver will last.
  • We help  you through implementation, develop your team’s autonomy and ensure that you are equipped to succeed.


W E   W O R K   W I T H   E M P A T H Y …

  • Empathy is one of our core value and is embedded  in our working approach. Listening and supporting are at the center of how we work: it means being able to put ourselves in the shoes of our clients to better understand them.
  • It is also reflected internally in the way we put human relationships at the center of the firm’s life.


… A N D   L E A D   W I T H   H U M I L I T Y

  • We are guided by a sense of humility. It enables us to question and challenge ourselves, to take a step back, get fresh perspectives and adapt.  It keeps us  learning and offering innovative solutions.