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Operations & Supply Chain

Operations, Supply Chain and Procurement are strategic elements in your company’s competitiveness, resilience, and ability to innovate.
Managing industrial operations and supply chain has become increasingly complex and requires:

  • A strategic vision to adapt the industrial footprint and globalized supply chains to growing relocation trends
  • Agility to face the volatility of the material and information flows, particularly in the crisis situation of post-Covid disruptions and raw material shortages
  • High-performance supply chain based on digitalized operations in line with industry 4.0 benefits
  • Actual integration of environmental, social and governance implication

Optimizing operations and supply chain activities implies several tradeoffs (e.g. service rate vs. stock level, local vs. global) activating the following 4 levers:

  1. Tools and processes to anticipate the upcoming issues in the short, medium and long term through early alert systems
  2. Collection and analysis of data to connect ERP information to demand, from market forecasts to customer orders
  3. Organization and governance to create an efficient link with the ‘extended enterprise’, i.e. the network of suppliers
  4. Skills and mindset from all stakeholders to support an efficient collaboration at the interfaces

What we offer

To manage your operations and supply chain, CYLAD provides an end-to-end set of tools encompassing client relationship, supplier relationship, planning cascade, inventory management and product management:

Demand Tracker by CYLAD
The demand management plateform



Designed by CYLAD, the Demand Tracker is a platform detecting, measuring and analyzing all changes in customer demand. 

The Demand Tracker helps you reach your industrial and financial performance objectives.

Our assets

CYLAD teams identify the areas for improvement in your Operations and Supply Chain practices, and provide an appropriate change approach, using proven methodologies and tools, with expert consultants capable of adapting to your context and challenges.

  • A team of experts capable of understanding the supply chain end to end, and up to date with the latest developments and existing trends, in numerous industrial sectors
  • Quick diagnosis tools for operations, supply chain and procurement (maturity checklist, flash analyses guide) to build a shared vision of the current situation
  • Ready-to-use methodologies and training modules to implement procurement strategies, production schedules, performance or stock management
  • Data capabilities embodied through:
    • A team of data scientists and analysts
    • On-the-shelf devices for demand management and supply chain performance
    • Extraction, analysis and data visualization tools

New! Discover our Purchasing strategy handbook

Discover our handbook and toolbox describing our methodology for the definition of a Purchasing Strategy.

  • Purchasing strategy handbook
  • Purchasing strategy templates
  • Constraints analysis
  • Maturity grid
  • Purchasing strategy levers
  • Cost & Value analysis
  • Supplier sourcing & market study analysis
  • KPIs
  • Management routines


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