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Why join us

CYLAD is a team of passionate and enthusiastic individuals

...passionate about the challenges facing their clients and enthusiastic
about contributing to their success.

The professional development of our consultants
is based on 4 pillars:


For the development of our consultants we look at both functional competencies and soft skills. Through training, mentoring support and collaborating with the Partners at CYLAD Consulting, we will provide all necessary tools in order for you to develop your skills.



We attract and bring together the best profiles and highly qualified staff – our insurance to build the most innovative solutions and achieve the best results for our clients. At CYLAD Consulting, you learn a great deal from assignments and from teamwork. We structure the skills of our individual team members allowing each member to benefit from shared experiences.


Mastering new challenges continuously strengthens your career at CYLAD Consulting, motivating you and enhancing your knowledge and skills. International staffing will also help you develop soft skills such as intercultural awareness. Further, you will gain insight into various ways of working, at our clients sites, in all of our clients’ sectors.



You will experience the stimulating environment of a fast-growing company where each consultant actively contributes to our internal organization and plays a daily role in developing our company. Every consultant is a significant part of CYLAD Consulting from day one, influencing the progress and development of the company.

Your development

CYLAD structures the professional development of its consultants through 6 grades.


Apart from an excellent academic track record, our Consultants are capable of a structured way of working, always thriving to go the extra mile. We expect them to actively participate in teamwork, communicate clearly – both in writing and in speech – and actively engage in client as well as in-house projects.


Our Experienced Consultants already have at least 2-3 years of professional experience in consulting and in relevant industries and functions. We expect our Experienced Consultants to be able to act as a reliable counterpart to our clients’ project teams and to show a profound level of problem solving and task managing skills. At this level, consultants deliver end products independently, work autonomously throughout the week and start to coach less experienced colleagues.


Our Senior Consultants have a track record of at least 4-5 years in consulting and in relevant industries and functions. They are able to structure and manage project modules independently with end-to-end ownership and develop people skills on projects and within CYLAD Consulting. A Senior Consultant is a sparring partner to our clients’ project leaders and drives individual problem solving tools and frameworks.


Our Managers have gained professional experience in consulting and in relevant industries and functions for at least 7 years. They are experienced project leaders of small and large project teams who independently develop project solutions and specific approaches, tools and frameworks. Managers can handle multiple kinds of projects, generate leads with new and existing clients and are capable to act as main contact for clients over the course of the entire project.


Our Principals have a track record of more than 10 years in consulting and in relevant industries and functions. They develop long-term relationships with key clients and build up networks with new and existing clients. Principals leverage expertise to develop and capitalize innovative content on multiple projects with an ability to represent CYLAD Consulting externally on key subject matters. They orchestrate know-how generation as well as project development and delivery.


Our Partners have built a strong basis of long-term client relationships as a result of close collaboration and professional counseling of clients. They typically have developed strong industry and functional expertise in selected areas. As Partners of CYLAD Consulting they drive both client development in respective industries as well as people and knowledge development internally.

Consultant profiles

CYLAD Consulting is on the lookout for strong personalities who are able to utilize their potential and quickly become an integrated part of our team.


Our consultants come from the best business and engineering schools and often already come with industry and/or consulting experience.


Consultants we recruit have to be able to quickly assimilate with both our team and our engagements. This requires a knack for analytics as well as strong personal qualities such as drive, commitment and tactfulness.


We want to see our candidates tap their full potential during their career at CYLAD Consulting. For this, they need to demonstrate a profound interest for the industry, to welcome challenges and diversity, show outstanding intellectual skills, enjoy international exposure and be fluent in English.

Mission examples

Implementation of Program steering method in the defense field

Purchasing cost convergence in the aeronautical field

Post merger integration in the metal industry

Adrien Stordeur

What was the context and objective of your project?

During this 2-month assignment within a major defense manufacturer, we were asked to build the cost/time performance monitoring by the management of a big Program. A “big Program” is the development and manufacturing of a large vehicle such as an aircraft, a ship or a train lasting several years and costing several billion Euros. The objective is to follow progress in terms of costs and time over time, in order to comply with the business case and to secure the margin. Our project aimed to increase visibility on the situation.

The Program is divided into macro-activities over several levels. The project consisted of working with the various management teams to understand the situation at every level and compare actual costs (hours clocked by internal teams, purchases, etc.) with the “physical progress” (number of milestones validated compared to forecasts, amount of cables installed, etc.). This correlation method – called Earned Value Management – rests on a theory that we have adjusted for various clients. It enables performance monitoring and trend setting at a team level. A global program view is then created through consolidation of team performance data. It enables quick identification of risks and launch of relevant action plans.

And in concrete terms for a consultant?

This assignment was particularly diverse with, first of all, a structuring phase with a manager and a partner in order to adapt the methodology, and then an implementation phase. I built the tool through an Excel model, combining various management data (cost, progress, etc.), which is used by all the teams today.

I also contributed to the presentation of recommendations and results (summed up in a PowerPoint) for the Program Management and the Company Management. During this assignment, I interacted with more than 20 stakeholders in order to build and understand the cost/time performance calculated with their data.


Lawrence Thurotte-Weech

What was the context and objective of your project?

This was a 9-month assignment within a major aircraft manufacturer, where we worked with the purchasing controlling department. The objective was to set up tools and processes to monitor the evolution of purchasing costs for commodities (titanium, composites, forged parts, etc.) and small parts (bolts, bearings, connectors, seals, etc.). The end goal was to secure convergence of commodity prices towards the initial target given by the Program, all along the ramp-up phase.

We were asked to set up a reference shared with all commodity managers and to provide a cost forecast for the 100th aircraft by helping them assess the impact of on-going price reduction initiatives (the identification of new cost reduction projects is the objective of a following CYLAD Consulting assignment). This project helped the Program Management secure a global view on commodity cost convergence, which made up for a significant portion of internal production costs.

And in concrete terms for a consultant?

I contributed to three work streams:

  1. Data crunching: Design of a database identifying and listing parts installed on the aircraft, broken down into relevant categories – with associated quantities and prices (actual price, contractual price and forecast for 100th aircraft).
  2. Analysis and result interpretation: Identification of cost gaps (e.g. overconsumption of parts compared to forecasts, price deviation compared to contractual prices, missing/changed parts).
  3. Report and conclusions: Presentation of results during regular progress status meetings with other stakeholders (every 2 days with the Project Leader, weekly with other contributing teams, monthly communication to plants in several countries). In total, I interacted with more than 30 stakeholders.

Marcel Winnefeld

What was the context and objective of your project?

A large metal parts producer had acquired another industry leader to reinforce his competences and pursue his growth strategy. We were asked to support the integration processes, to identify synergies, to increase side efficiency and to enable profitable growth. The challenge: converting two companies with different structures, cultures and processes into one successful team. For our approach, we connected the leadership teams and built teams on the operational level to identify and implement measures for increasing efficiency and cost reduction.

And in concrete terms for a consultant?

Together with a partner and an experienced consultant, I implemented benchmarks between the sites to identify improvements for cost reduction. I prepared and conducted workshops and benchmark visits to identify further improvement measures on the shop floor.

I calculated business cases for selected ideas to guarantee their profitability. I also planned and accompanied the implementation process to ensure success and efficiency for people involved in multiple working groups.

I invested a lot of time in communication to align strategic open questions, to create a constructive mindset by looking for synergies and creating transparency on activities and objectives. I also prepared executive summaries and presentations of results for stakeholders. During this mission I interacted with more than 25 stakeholders from Germany, France, USA, Canada and China.