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SaaS – What’s in for integrated hardware/software companies?



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Dr. Michael Müller

Directeur Associé / Allemagne


Point of view

By Dr. Michael Müller, Dr. Robert Schenk and Elizaveta Akhimova

At a glance

Following the example of software-only companies, integrated technology companies (i.e. delivering hardware, software, and services to their customers) show increasing interest in Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) models.

However, compared to software-only companies, this market segment is less mature yet:

  • The biggest share of integrated technology companies (53%) currently offers both options, SaaS and on-prem software, while about 1/3 of companies still doesn’t have a SaaS offer at all
  • Integrated technology companies plan to almost double their SaaS revenues within the next 5 years (from averagely about 32% of software revenues to 62%). By then, SaaS will be the dominant revenue stream within software for more than half of the companies
  • Data privacy and security, revenue model shift to subscription, and HR capabilities as well as skillset are the top 3 hurdles for integrated technology companies when establishing SaaS
  • 3 key advantages of expanding the business model through SaaS are being reported by integrated technology companies: simplified software updates/upgrades, positive marketing effects on brand image, and an increase of annual recurring revenue (ARR)
  • The customers predominantly profit from reduced IT complexity, simplified software version management, and more liquid funds for profitable investments in the core business (shift from CapEx to OpEx).


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