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Origins, values and "CYLAD Way"

Our challenge:
Make our customers confident, adapted, and armed to succeed

Independent Management and Strategy consulting firm, CYLAD Consulting advises
both major industrial enterprises and SMEs in their growth, transformation
and performance improvement.

Our origins

Founded in 2007, CYLAD was born out of
an entrepreneurial adventure

CYLAD developed into a firm that reflected its founders’ vision and remained faithful to the image they had of what consultancy should be: a model combining expertise, content focus, accuracy, respectfulness, transparency, tenacity, and above all, added value for customers.

The firm built its reputation on two pillars: an in-depth knowledge of the Aerospace & Defense sector and strong expertise in Project and Program management.

Born from complex industrial projects, the firm’s DNA is naturally structured to tackle projects using a cross-functional approach, breaking down silos and addressing many levels of complexity.

Today, these elements of the firm’s origins form the basis of CYLAD and are more than ever part of its identity.

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covering strategy
and management



with top-tier
consulting experience



in Europe, Australia
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Our values


We work with dedication
to secure results that have impact


We believe the role of a consultant
is profoundly human


We always work in a collaborative and supportive way, as a joint team with our clients


We know having clear convictions and structured initiatives creates effective and valuable advice


We challenge ourselves, with curiosity
and the desire to innovate


Partners and consultants approach our clients’ missions
with an entrepreneurial spirit and business sense


The drive to create value
is central to all our activities


I will call CYLAD again when I need a very flexible team that can crack complex problems with feasibility for implementation in mind.

Head of Service of an Industrial Electronics OEM


I want to compliment the CYLAD project team for first class project delivery and their strong commitment throughout the project.

Head of Corporate Development of a Service Provider


Throughout the working relationship, CYLAD was able to show flexibility in order to adapt best to the variations of our context and needs.

Head of Methods & Tools in the Aviation Industry


CYLAD excels by their commitment, humility, their capacity to work with people in all kinds of positions and their level of deliverables.”

Transformation Project Leader in the Ship building Industry


CYLAD analyses showed a completely different way to look at the topic.

CTO of a leading Metal parts Supplier

I appreciated the ability of CYLAD to integrate very quickly in a project team, develop skills relevant to the core of the project and master its complexity.

Head of Planning Department of an Aerospace Manufacturer


CYLAD’s EVM methodology was the first effective and successful one which I have ever seen. I set it as the standard for every future program review.”

CEO of a Structural parts & Seats Supplier


The CYLAD team had a great mix of management judgment and technical understanding.

Head of Division of an Automotive OEM


Good work, no politics: I have always been very satisfied with CYLAD’s work.

Head of Quality in the Aviation Industry


CYLAD did a great job, very good return on investment; we have €10 million savings while in February we had nothing.

Head of Quality of an Aerospace Manufacturer

OUR VISION OF THE WORLD: Performance can only be a collective work