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“Visual Performance Management serving human capital” – spotlight on round table organized by CYLAD Consulting.



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CYLAD Consulting hosted a group of clients and industry experts for a round table held in Toulouse on March 14th, 2018 on the topic of Visual Performance Management (VPM).

The objective of the discussion was to exchange on the “human capital” of visual management, both in terms of the team dynamic and the role of managers.

Around 20 participants joined the discussion, coming from industries including Aeronautics, Pharmaceuticals, Electronics & Telecommunication. These contributors represented various companies including Pierre Fabre, Airbus Defence & Space, Airbus Commercial, Servier, Radiall and Sigfox.

The round table was moderated by the CYLAD team with the contribution of Bénédicte Roux, Head of regulatory at Pierre Fabre Dermo-Cosmetic and Sébastien Faucher, Head of Lean for Space Systems at Airbus Defence & Space. The in-depth experience sharing fostered discussion and exchange.

The Key takeaways from the discussion were two-fold:

  • VPM helps teams with the organization and management of their day-to-day activities, particularly to absorb an increased number of projects. It does so by:

– Improving the visibility on the activities, allowing for prioritization and resource agility

–  Improving the collaboration within the service and interfaces with related divisions

– Improving workload management and stress levels within the team

– Implementing a virtuous circle for problem solving and continuous improvement

  • VPM can also be an excellent tool allowing managers to switch from a “Command and Control” to a “Coach and Lead” mode, in particular via a focus on business priorities, arbitration, and problem solving. These are often related to teams’ expectations of their manager.

Several key points were posed for consideration. For instance, the importance of “playing the game” at each level of the hierarchical pyramid, including the highest management level, was discussed in addition to the necessity to articulate VPM with a macro-planning tool.

The debate ended with a discussion on the different stakes that must be addressed within the attendees’ organizations.
CYLAD Consulting would like to warmly thank Pierre Fabre Laboratories for welcoming us on its Toulouse site; Bénédicte Roux and Sébastien Faucher for their contributions; and all of the attendees for the learning and experience sharing.

For further information, please contact:
Laurence Massat, Partner, CYLAD Consulting – +336 23 80 91 75
Patrick Sage, Partner, CYLAD Consulting – +336 98 37 30 58