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Member of CYLAD Consulting accepts professorship at Jacobs University
in Bremen.



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Prof. Dr.-Ing Steffen Eickemeyer, consultant with CYLAD Consulting since 2015, was offered a position as a Professor of Lean Management in the Business and Economics department at Jacobs University in Bremen, Germany. Jacobs is an international university with students from over 100 different countries. Its 16 bachelor and nine graduate degree programs educate students in a variety of disciplines within Health, Mobility, and Diversity.

Steffen has the unique position to be connected to the business world through his client work with CYLAD while also engaging in the academic applications of his field of expertise. In his new role, Steffen will take a tri-focus approach as instructor, researcher, and consultant. These roles intertwine in such a way as to provide value to his students, his clients, the university, and CYLAD. As a lecturer and advisor to students writing their bachelor theses, Steffen will investigate new areas to pursue research opportunities whereby he can further collaborate with students. Such research topics can later be applied within the industry in a variety of contexts for various client problems. Real-world application of these research topics can then be circled back as teaching material for Jacobs’ students.

CYLAD Consulting would like to congratulate Steffen on his new professorship and wish him well in his first year of teaching.

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