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Success story | Industrialization and cost convergence processes improvement



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Industrialization and cost convergence processes improvement



In order to achieve its EBIT target, our client, a propulsion systems manufacturer, needed to significantly improve the financial performance of several of its programs, by ensuring  recurring costs convergence in a context where industrialization processe and roles were neither formalized nor recognized in the company.



A 4-steps approach was followed:

  1. Formalization of the company practices in place, through interviews and deliverables analysis to spot key improvement areas
  2. Definition of a target industrialization and design-to-cost processes (activities, deliverables, roles & responsibilities), based on multiple benchmarks, and proposal of improvement levers to bridge the gap
  3. Development of a tailored and actionable Industrialization and design-to-cost toolkit, ready to support processes application
  4. Setup of an implementation roadmap featuring a precise identification of enablers and programs priority ranking



  • State-of-the-art industrialization and cost convergence processes
  • Ready-to-use toolbox to support new processes
  • Accurate implementation plan